Main Street Murrini is a glass collaboration between Todd Manicki of Farmer City Glass and Jim Weiler of The Glass Foundry located in Farmer City, Illinois. With an emphasis on fabricating art glass pieces, the studios encompass a multitude of processes and high art skills to push the boundaries of modern glass art. The primary focus of the studios is an integration of multiple disciplines in the glass arts from the ancient art of glass blowing to the modern development of contemporary kilnworking. Through this integration, Main Street Murrini strives to bring vibrant compositions and colorful bold patterns to the customer.


-MAIN-STREET-MURRINI-4944On this site you will see the patterns developed by the studios using different hot shop and kiln forming techniques.  These patterns use a wide palette of vibrant colors and are set into the glass in precise and repeatable ways.  The parts are then composed and fused in a kiln at precise temperatures up to 1500ºF.  The resulting compositions create rhythm, symmetries, and vibrations within the color that are contemplative and bold.

After the patterned glass pieces are fused in the kiln to become one final sheet, the final tablets are then ground through a series of steps in a cold working studio, and finished with varying pieces of grinding and polishing equipment.

What makes Main Street Murrini unique to other art glass studios is the variety of finishing options that the customer has at their disposal.  With the main emphasis of the studios on producing tablets measuring approximately 18” x 18” or 28” by 18”, Main Street Murrini offers the customer the option of how to have the final glass tablet finished.

SL11One finishing option offered by Main Street Murrini is by forming the plate into a custom, decorative platter through a heat treatment called slumping. In this process, a flat tablet design is placed onto a custom fabricated refractory mold in the kiln and brought up at a specific rate to 1200ºF for a  specific time to allow the flat plate to conform to the surface of the mold.  The result is a fluid stand-alone large format platter sure to attract attention.

Another option to finish the fused tablet designs is to mount the glass into a frame.  At Main Street Murrini we have developed two custom frames for our work: a wall frame to hang tablets like a painting and a table frame to produce an elegant table.  Both framing options are hand-fabricated steel with a satin black finish.  The wall frame design measures 19” x 19” x 2.5” deep or 29” x 19” x 2.5”, depending on the format of the tablet used.  The tables measure 19’ x 19”  or 29” x 19” x approximately 21” tall and have an elegant hand formed decorative twist in the forged steel legs.

WH1T7For either of the framing options an LED lighting option can be included that will provide a soft yet dynamic color changing glow to most of the plates.  The LED lights are controlled by a remote and have a variety of colors and effects built in to suit any mood.  Tablets that are opalescent and will block the LED lights are noted in the tablet section.  The LED lighting option is not recommended for these styles.